Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nanaimo Timbermen Lacrosse

Hello all and especialy Mandy who stopped by and tried out the comments. I think Mandy will have her own Blog up and running soon.

Well last night was first time in a while I got out and did something fun. A group of us from work got to go to the Nanaimo Timbermen's Lacrosse game and sit in the owners box. The fridge had beer (not that it mattered to me) and Pizza was brought in durring the second periode. The game is actualy fun to watch. It is also very violent. There was only one fight in the game but there were a few good shoving matches throughout. And boy are those sticks weapons !!! I never knew the rules but while watching the game I asked questions and started to understand it quite well by the end. It's a cross between hockey and basket ball with no offsides and a shot clock to keep the pace very fast. The owners son picked me up and dropped me off which was very nice of him. But....I should have caught a ride with the other guys cause they went to a stripclub afterwards and were out quite late. I was in bed by 10:30pm. A good thing that came out of going to the game was the owner offered me tickets to the next game saturday night and also tickets to the B.C. Lions and Calgary Stampeders CFL game. I have to get myself there and back but he told me the walk on ferry will be running that night for 55 bucks return. I'm thinking I might just have to do it !!! Well here are a couple pictures from last night.

Timbermen 080

Timbermen 039

Timbermen 055


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