Saturday, July 29, 2006

Birthday Celebration

Last night on Karl's birthday he and Kris came down to Hamilton to take me to a football game for my birthday. Thanks Trudy, Jodi, Tara, Kris, and Karl !!! Mike, Karl, Kris and I went to the game. I must say at no fault to them....that was the worst gift I ever got LOL. The Cats SUCKED !!!! Probably the worst game I ever saw. I think the only first downs they got were because of Bomber penalties. Eakin looked like a highschool QB and the offensive line was non existent. When they did manage to give the QB time to throw the ball he threw it to the other team. I spent the first half of the game on the north side because I can take pictures better from that side. I gave up fast. Last game I went to I took about 400 pictures. This game it was in the 70's. I didn't even get a good shot of the cheerleaders this time. I met up with the gang at half time and sat with them for the rest of the game. The Cats were booo'd off the field at half time and I've never seen so many ppl leave so early. Like troopers we sat till the gun sounded. I only wished I had taken my camera to Solid Gold's after the game. It was a good night there but as the saying goes....what happens at Solid Gold's, stays at Solid Gold's !!! Enjoy the pictures I did take.


At Saturday, July 29, 2006 2:21:00 PM, Anonymous Tee... said...

awsome post uncle kev!!! Wish I could have made it to the game!! Thanks for takin care of my dad on his birthday!! I am sure he had a great time with you guys!!! I will see you next weekend! Lots of Love,

At Saturday, July 29, 2006 10:08:00 PM, Anonymous trud said...

i love the bottom two pics the best
thanks for taking them so we could see.
sorry your gift sucked!


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