Saturday, July 15, 2006

2 of 2

I'm starting with 2 of hopefully 2 posts today. On this post I'm going to talk about going back into the forest off the Bruce Trail again only this time I had no sidekick to watch the bike or no bike. I decided I needed some air this morning so I went for a walk on the Bruce Trail. When I got to the spot where Mike and I had seen the deer the last time I climbed up the hill to take a look. It rained last night so it was a slippery climb. At first look when I reached the top I saw nothing but on futher examination I noticed 2 young female deer off to the left. They didn't hang around long but I decided to follow them for a while. They met up with 2 other females and never stopped long enough for me to find a good spot to shoot. I tried to tell them it wasn't a gun but they didn't seem to care. At one point I noticed something else close to them move and then I watched as a fawn ran over to one of the females. I took 2 pictures but with so much in the way they are not very good. I'm posting one anyways. I followed them around for about half an hour but after taking the photos of the fawn I never saw it again. I'm thinking that they hid it in the long grass and led me away. Then outta the blue the deer just scattered. One ran my way and the other 3 ran to the right of us. I followed the closest one thinking they would cross the path and join up again. I only ever saw the solo female after that. I can only assume that the other 3 circled back to the fawn while the solo female distracted me because she never got too far out of my sight. I decided to cut out and head back to my car. Because of the bright sun and the shadows I didn't get many good shots but here are a few anyways.


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