Monday, October 23, 2006

Quick post

I know some of you have been checking my site. It's ammazing what you can track on the internet LOL. Just a quick update here. Since my post about my health I have been to the Drs once. He sent me to a therapist and I saw him a second time but not sure about a 3rd. Last night I came home from work early. Pretty sure I have another kidney stone. Going to the Dr today at 3. Foreman was pretty pissy about me leaving said I needed a note. I know Craig wouldn't want one but I'll do it to keep Ian happy. Place is getting worse but I'll hold out till after Christmas then go to McDonalds or something with full time hours not nights or afternoons only. A new hotel going in downtown so I might look into what job I mwould like to do and start working on getting anything I need before its finished. Nanaimo is going to be a tourist heaven !!! Still working on the personal stuff for any nosey ppl out there. Went on a date last night to see a female impersonator. Was a good time with lousy seats. The woman I was with was told how lucky she was that I was her date by a gay man sitting at our table and that she should keep me. There were about 14 of us at the table 2 gay couples. Was a little wierd how open they were about almost everything. Maybe it was everything but I tried to block alot of it out LOL. Football game was too close for comfort. Tougher opponent this Sunday. I move on the 1st into my own apartment.

Thats all for now I need to rest. Not sure when I'll update again but you never know.


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