Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Night Poker

Well I went over to Laurie and Owen's tonight to play some more poker. The females were playing a game on another table. Not sure what it was but they were sure having fun. There was some sort of family meeting but not sure what that was all about. Well I did over hear something but was told I couldn't come back and donate my money if I said anything.It brought Aunt Jan, Theresa, and Mickey over to join the ones already there. They thanked me when I was leaving and said come again but I think thats because I'm a good loser. I did hold the chip lead at least twice tonight and came in second twice. It still was alot of fun but it would be nice to win at least one time. There is talk of a game next friday. Deal me in ... or maybe I'll just leave my money on the counter and deal for everyone !!!!


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