Monday, April 10, 2006

It's been a while !!

Where to begin......

Friday when I left to go up north dad had a really bad cold. Other than that things seemed ok. Jean had told me that they had talked to a social worker and that they will have a meeting with her next week and that she (the social worker)wants to set up an appointment with us kids and Dad and Jean. It will have to be during the week during the day. I'll find out more on this after next week.

Dad and Jean both told me he had a really good weekend. The best dad's been in a while. He still has a touch of a cold but it's pretty much gone now. Today a woman was in to do dad's toe nails. This is her second time in. Very nice woman, asking dad questions like she really cares about what's going on. She brought treats for Brandy too. Dad had a pretty good appetite today. Had a good lunch and good dinner. He told me after supper that the arm that had the chemo burn is numb. He rolled up his sleeve to show me and Jean started poking it with a pen asking if he could feel it and he said no. He started to roll up his sleeve and Jean gave him a look like what are you doing and I said he had enough tattoos and didn't want any more.

Now if anyone is interested I'll tell you about my weekend. I woke up Friday morning and had a nose bleed which usually means I'm getting a cold. I picked Mike up and off we went up north. We got up there right around lunch and sat talking with Karl. Then we got out some cards and played a few games of Texas hold'em poker. Tara and I went into town and I picked up some booze, chocolates and Tiger Woods golf for the xbox. I think we only played it once all weekend. Later Mike and I drove in to pick up Jodi and she gave us the grand tour of the salon. I can't remember if it was before this or after this that Karl had made us supper because I had started feeling a bit under the weather. Karl did us up steak on a George Foreman Grill, boy was it good !!! That evening we played some more cards till after 2am.

Saturday Jodi and I went to the Haliburton wolf sanctuary. This is one of my favorite places to go up there. I could sit there all day just watching the wolves which for the most part lay around on the side of the hill basking in the sun. I took lots of pictures and will post them on my photo blog.

While we were there I was looking for a necklace that I had purchased a few years ago but had lost. When we were leaving I had asked if they had any and the woman told me that they did not. They had a pin and I was wondering about getting it and drilling a hole but the woman said that pewter did not drill well. So I left with out one. That evening we had a hockey draft for the upcoming playoffs and played some more poker. We also had a cake for Brad to celabrate his 40th birthday. I wasn't feeling too well so went down stairs to watch the Canucks hockey game.

Sunday I was feeling even worse. I spent most of the morning hanging out in the washroom thinking I was going to be sick. I eventually joined the rest of them at the table and started to feel better so had some breakfast. Shortly after I was feeling ill again. I told Mike if he didn't mind driving I would grab some plastic bags and rest on the way home. We stopped in Milton to pick up John who spent the weekend at his mom's place. I stayed in the car but said hello to Sherry but I don't think she recognized me. When we got to Mike's I got into the drivers seat and thats when I discovered something. Hanging from my mirror was one of the necklaces I was looking for at the wolf Sancturary. Not sure how you pulled it off Jodi but thank you so much for it.

Well I'll finish off now as I need to rest. I did eventually empty my belly into the toilet after I got home. Today I spent most of the day resting. I've had soup, toast and ginger ale today and am feeling a wee bit better. One of the girls had told me about how bagels dont digest well and after Sunday night I now agree. The bagel and orange juice was all I recognized from what I had that day.

On that note I'll say goodnight.


At Monday, April 10, 2006 4:51:00 PM, Blogger botsoe said...

I stopped bye today with kelly about 2:30 your car was there but Dad's was not knocked on the door but all I got was the dog barking

At Monday, April 10, 2006 6:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You never said I was the big winner in poker!!!!!


At Tuesday, April 11, 2006 7:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not always about you Karl.

At Tuesday, April 11, 2006 3:42:00 PM, Anonymous Jodi said...

hey uncle Kev!
the plan was actually to get u a necklace n then have the girl tell u that they had none so i could secretly put it on a hemp necklace for u for yur birthday... but they really only had one left neway, so i got it... and then when u got the info to look into ordering one it worried me so... i figured let u find it and then tell u now that for yur birthday i'mma learn to make hemp necklaces and i'll make one with your charm when i see u then... sound good?
thanks for taking me to the wolf habitat with you again! i had a great time too...
love always,


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