Sunday, April 02, 2006

Poker Night


Sorry just climbed out of bed. Wasn't a real late night last night but 2am is late for me. 3am if you count the time change. I've only been out of bed a few minutes. Trying to shake the cob webbs off and count my losses. Actualy it wasn't too bad. It was about the most fun I've had in an evening since I've been back in Ontario. Going to Solid Golds last night didn't hurt.

I drove down to Mikes place and met him and John. We talked a short while then headed out to Burlington and went to a bar to eat dinner (Mike and I). After
dinner we were driving over to Solid Gold's and the phone rang. It was Sammy and
he told Mike he would meet us there. It was around 6pm so it was pretty quiet in
the club except for the non stop dancers and music. 3 single guys sitting in perverts row watching the ladies...what a life LOL

We didn't stay too long because Sam wanted to go play cards because he had to work at 5am. So we left and eventualy met up at Laurie and Owens. Laurie, Owen and
Melisa were there and shortly after Dan, Sam, and Theresa showed up. I've never actualy played in a tournament before but it was fun. You got 60 chips for 2 bucks and the ante was 2 and 4 for the start. As the game went on the Antes got bigger every 10 minutes. 2-4, 4-8, 5-10, 10-20 and only once did they make it to 20-40. Mike, Sam and Owen each ended up winning a game.

Afterwords we played a couple games of euchre. That was fun too because I remember playing with Owen and Mike years ago. Dan was my partner and we started off with a big lead then ended up losing a close one to Mike and Owen. The second game was close but we ended up taking it. For the rubber match I don't think Dan and I were even there. Both Mike and Owen got a lone hand and then the game was over.

Up until the Euchre Laurie Theresa and Melisa were having a Pajama Party in the Living room. I think we all had a good time. Thanks to everyone !!!!!

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