Saturday, April 22, 2006

Poker Night

I picked Terry up this morning and took her to see dad. He still isn't eating very much. He said he threw up breakfast this morning. He threw up lunch while we were there. Actualy it was coffee he threw up. They gave him something for his stomach and he ate some peaches. For supper all he had were peaches but he told the nurse he ate everything. While he was napping I was talking to the nurse who is a cute little Philipino woman and told her he only had juice and peaches for supper. She told me dad had said he ate everything. I asked her if they could give him anything through the tube and she said they were counting his calories and were looking into that. When dad woke up from a nap I asked him about what the nurse said and he had a big grin on his face. He asked me why and if I had talked to the nurse and I said yes I straightened her out. He just kept grinning. Lacie and Ryan dropped in for a bit and Mandy dropped Jorden off to Terry and stayed for a short visit. In the afternoon everyone left and I was last one till 8pm. I talked to the night nurse Jen and told her about the peaches in the fridge. I also asked her if they could give dad something for an upset tummy. She promised shed take good care of him tonight.

I had talked to Mike earlier in the day about playing poker. We played at Wayne and Theresa's. Sam, Jeff, Mike, me and 2 of the guys from where Sam works. As usual I lost but for 12 bucks it's a cheap fun night out. We are already talking about next Friday.

Jean mentioned today that she will try and set up the meeting with the social worker for this comming Saturday. I told her Karl wanted to talk to her about it. She also said that it would be alright for Mandy to come as support for Terry and because Mandy does work in this line of work. Well thats all for tonight I'm tired.



At Sunday, April 23, 2006 8:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kev Im really glad i got to spend the time with dad yesterday he seems so relaxed and talks a lot more. I really hope they can figure out why he cant keep food down. And i hope they dont let him home till they do, As far as the meeting being set up I really hope everyone can agree that we ALL be there. We really have to do this for dad he does want us all there !! Its going to be hard on everyone,but again think of Dad He needs us there please think of his feelings first not ours,Lets just be there for him. Terry


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