Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter !!!

Well I hope everyone had a good Easter. Did you get enough turkey ? I know I did. I was lucky enough to get 2 turkey dinners. Saturday evening I went to Rick and Michele's for dinner. Kim, Glenn and the kids were there. Natasha was there too. Michelle gave me the grand tour of the house since it was my first time there. It's a beautifull house out on 20 road not far off Upper James Rd. There is a huge area out back where they can go for walks with the dog all the way to the airport. Close to the city but far enough out to not notice the city. It was such a nice evening we ate out side on the deck. After dinner Michelle, Rick and I went in to watch the hockey game. I stayed till after the first periode in the Vancouver game then went home to bed.

Sunday after sleeping in a little I went to pick up Terry and we went out to Annettes for dinner. Tyler and I had a game of Madden football and I kicked his ass !!! Then we played some golf and hockey with Ryan and they both took turns kicking my ass. The turkey dinner was great except that dinner was a little later than I am used to eating. Annette made it up to me by making me a couple sandwiches for lunch. After dinner we played a game called Kingers. I had never played before and I must say that Lacie was freaking me out getting me scared before we even got started. That girl is psycho (just kidding) We all picked some eggs and then you take turns hitting another persons egg on the top with your egg. The egg that breaks is out and the winner goes on to the next round. I was stupid because I had my camera and should have taken pictures but didn't. They have been doing this for a long time and have saved the winning eggs with the winners name and year. I believe the oldest egg in there was 1994 and had Tylers name on it. Ryan has a few in there and Lacie has one from 2 years ago. Some eggs had been broken durring the move out there so the older ones are gone. It came down to Terry and Annette and the winner was Annette. Oh and Tyler did get me back in another game of football and not by a little margin.

Thanks to everyone !!!


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