Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another update

Went to see dad Friday. Took in the stuff so I could give him a shave. I did his face and head. His appetite is real low right now. I ate most of his supper last night. Didn't look good but tasted alright. Meatloaf peas and powdered potatoes. He gagged a bit when he took the lid off of it. He looks good after receiving the top up of blood. Jean bought him some pj's and I helped put them on him. Backwards at first but in the end I got it right and they looked good. Von was there and brought him some of the best icecream I have...I mean he has ever tried LOL. I got him some of it at supper and I tried to get him to have some soup later but it didn't go down well. I'll be spending most of today there as I don't think Jean is going over. She said something about it last night but I was watching hockey and didn't catch all of it. Terry is also going to make it over for a bit. There was some good hockey last night. I didn't get many points but I'm sure some one must have done well. Kariya got 4 points in one game. Well I'm going to start getting ready and I have to call Terry shortly. I think I'll take some peaches over to dad because I know he likes them.


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