Saturday, April 29, 2006

This could be a long post

Hmmmmm where to begin....this post was going to be called Mike you lucky bastard I hate you!!! but I didn't think that was nice. Or it could have been call Sam don't spend all my money in one place !! Or it could have been called Thanks for inviting me take my money please !!! I should have stayed for pizza because I was hungry when I got home. I'll get back to this later .... if I feel like it.

Now where do I begin... I guess it started out with me going to pick up Terry and going to Wal Mart to buy some new runners which I did and I like. Then I went back to Terry's to look over some stuff I have there as I have to start packing soon. I'll be heading up north after the meeting here on Saturday. I was hoping that all 5 of us would be there because it's rare when we are all together. Was thinking we could get Fish and Chips for lunch. I know this meeting is not going to tell us anything we really don't know already but dad and Jean must think it's worth it because they set it up. I don't believe there will be any decisions made at the meeting just some options that will be laid out to let everyone know what's available to help dad as the illness gets worse. (Interrupted by a phone call from Karl so this is many hours later. It's now Sunday. Annette has changed her day off so she will be here but Karl will be coming down with Trudy Wed evening staying overnight so he won't be down for it. Have not heard if Rob will be here or not. Jean told me today that Michelle and Kim will both be here so I'm happy about that. I'll make a cheesecake and Jean said maybe we can order pizza instead of F & C's.

Dad is doing pretty good. He has actually had a good appetite the past couple days. Aunt Alice was by today and they talked her in to staying for supper. Terry is here as well because we were out today and went to Shawn and Marrianne's to see the pond.

Lets start with...


Friday I did something I had talked about doing for a while. I called Hillcrest School to see if I could go take some pictures and they said yes after school hours would be fine. So I got there a little early (Never happened when I went there as a kid)and walked around the field out back. Then after all the kids got out I went inside to the office and got a pass. It was weird walking around the school. I went in to a couple of my old classes and tried to picture them as when I was there as a student but it wasn't easy. Maybe I should have gone more often and then I wouldn't have failed.....twice LOL. Sure its funny now but it wasn't back then. All my friends went off to high school 2 years before me and I was stuck with a bunch of kids. But I was popular because I could buy beer from the beer store (j/k) The office is now in the old part of the school and the air raid horn is now gone. It will all be gone in July. There will be an open house in June some time. It should be posted here ... ( Here are a couple pictures.

The old school

1920 est

door to gym for dances and such

The gym

My grade 8 classroom with Mrs. Froman

An original desk

Classroom in old part of the school

Downstairs Hall

Side entrance by the old office

Office was on left nurse was on the right

I also went to GOGO Pizza for a meatball sub before heading to meet Mike at his place. Sam was working on a pizza and I ran into an old girlfriend of Mike's and she gave me her cell number to pass onto Mike.

Mike and I went up to Theresa's where imagine this...a poker game broke out. There were only 5 of us and as usual they ganged up on me and took all my money. Mike was usually the one that put me out of the game. He would go all in with me on crap and would river me every time. That's where you pull a miracle out of your ass on the last turn card. Didn't matter if I had a pair of aces or 2 pairs he would say wouldn't that suck if I got a 6 on the last card for 3 of a kind and he would get it !! The only thing that made me feel better was that Mike ended up losing to Sam who was the big winner over all winning 5 games the last being a double pot. I have to say that I didn't play bad all night I did what I should have it's just the cards did not come to me as usual. I did have fun even tho I lost 18 bucks. I ended up getting home after 3am. Thanks guys I truly did have fun every time we played even tho I did not win one single game ever !!! I finished second 3 times but second sucks.

Rest of weekend to be continued ....


At Monday, May 01, 2006 6:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kev, don't hate the player, hate the game. hehehe


At Monday, May 01, 2006 1:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kev where is my comment?????? Alice


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