Sunday, November 08, 2020

Goldstream Park Salmon

      Yesterday afternoon while the beef stew was stewing in the crock pot i decided to take Dante to Goldstream park and meet my friend Thristan. Thristan is new to the island and i met him when he was going through training at B C Transit. Thristan is a mechanic that likes to ride so has gone on a few runs with me and the Lonewolves. Im showing him around the island so when his family arrives in about a month he knows some things for them to do. Ive face timed them a couple times and cant wait to meet them. I just hope they dont bring any snow with them from Alberta.

       Here are a few pictures from our adventure in Gold Stream Park. I must say i learned a few things as well. When i left i decided to take the back way out to see where it went so in the summer we can do a motorcycle run. Very nice ride although narrow but very twisty! Will have to watch out for idiots in cars going opposite direction. Saw a few of those yesterday going too fast. It comes out on Millstream Rd out past the new Bear Mountain Rd. Will be fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The 3 little B's

     Every once in a while we get to look after Ben and Bree's little brats. I mean our 3 awesome grand kids. They are usually very good kids but once in a while they are a handful. If the weather is nice they like to go to the park right beside the building. There are many trails through the bush and lots of rocks to climb. All 3 of them are hams for the camera. When grandmas not with us they get to do a little more. Papa is a little more easy going and even if its a little dangerous at least i can get a good photo.

     Bella is a very smart girl, sometimes a little too smart. She always has ideas and loves to pose and ham it up in front of the camera. On this excursion she decided they should recreate their parents wedding that was held in this park. First Brylea and Brenton had a turn then Bella and Brenton. we then did some posing on the Cairn. Then we went rock climbing. Brenton is a little dare devil. Hes not scared of anything! He loves his sisters and especially Bella. Shes good with him and will take his hand on these walks. Dante loves these walks too!

     Next it was off to rock climbing and some jumping off rocks. I would mostly follow behind Brenton but the one time I decided to get above to take photos he decided to have a little tumble. I have never moved so quick! Luckily he tumbled back but caught himself and didn't fall off or bang anything. Thank gawd or Papa would have never heard the end of it. No harm no foul I always say! Grandma still gave me a little piece of her mind to try and warn me from doing anything like that again. And believe me I haven't.....yet lol The last time they were here or at least the girls the weather was terrible. Well as usual here are some photos I will share.