Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend post cont...


Saturday I was resting from my late night out Friday and decided to call Dave DeVier to see if he was around. After talking to him I got my lazy butt out of the computer chair, got changed and drove to see him. It was a nice visit with him and Jen and their 2 sons. We chatted for quite a while and then Donna dropped in to Dave's for tea. She didn't recognize me at first but then all of a sudden it hit her who I was. She and Dave look pretty much the same as last time I saw them. Dave and I decided to go outside and throw the football around because it was so nice. Donna had to leave for work and I was getting ready to go see Shawn so we made plans for thursday night pizza and cheesecack with a topping of Survivor ! Will be good to watch it with other fans of the show. Dad turned it off on me durring the vote the other night. Dave and Donna look pretty much the same as I remember them. I should have taken a couple pictures. Next time !

I stopped at Gogo's again and grabbed a couple pizzas to take to Shawn's. I tried the door and looked out back and didn't see any one so I sat on the front porch and doug into the pizza. Marrianne walked around from the corner, she told me they just went outside and Shawn saw the front of my car. So we went out back and ate pizza while Shawn worked on his pond. That guy is crazy because he filled it up and put his fish in so Terry could see it Sunday but was going to drain it again to place rocks around the bottom of it. Too much work for me. After a while it got too cold so we went inside to watch some hockey and Shawn decided to feed his snake. I somehow managed to stay and watch and even took a few photos from close up. I wouldn't hold it as much as Shawn tried and tried to get me too LOL. As long as it was on the ground I was fine but as soon as he would pick it up I was out of there.

Dad is feeling pretty good today. Not as much appetite as yesterday but not bad. He went to see Dr about his throat xrays and nothing new there. Just with age it gets like that they said. Harder to get stuff down so drink water before eating to make throat slippery.

To be continued again....


At Monday, May 01, 2006 10:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chicken lol - i would have loved to play with that snake - hugssssssssss sonja


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