Friday, May 05, 2006

Last post from Hamilton for this trip

Today dad and I took a drive in the country. Jean went out with Joan so dad told Jean we were going to use the car. We went out to the old house in waterdown. Dad was pretty sure of the place even tho it has changed greatly. The garage is gone, an addition was built on to it and the whole place was given a facelift with siding. Then we went to the North end to look at where he grew up but he couldn't remember the number so we just drove down the street. Next we went to the beach where we stopped at Hutches for fish and chips. Dad ate the whole thing he and I couldn't believe it. Then we went for a drive to the old house on Brittannia Ave. He got me to pull in to Pat and Mitches driveway to see if they were home and it turns out they moved to North Bay about 3 years ago. Dad's legs were getting stiff from sitting so we stopped for gas (and a chocolate bar because I knew dad needed something for his sweet tooth) and headed home. It was fun being out with dad like that. Ryan and Tyler are heading into the city and we are going to meet up with Terry and Mandy for supper at Licks's Homeburgers. Might even see a show so who knows. Silent Hill, a game which I watched Kris, Tara and Jodi get scared playing is now a movie. Have a lot of packing to do and have to return the modem. I might make a post from Karl and Trudy's sunday.

This road lead to the next place and I can't believe Annette, Robert, and Terry actually walked there.

Last night I went to Dave and Jen DeVier's place. We sat and talked and watched survivor while pigging out on Pizza and Cheesecake. I had a very good time there and wish I had started seeing them when I first got back to Hamilton. I'm going to drop in to see his Fire Station on my drive up north. If I behave he might even let me slide down the fire pole ! Thanks Dave and Jen I hope you make it out west some time !


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