Wednesday, May 03, 2006

just a quick one
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Went with dad and Jean to the cancer clinic. They are going to give dad a 5 week chemo vacation. Let him build up his strength and such. If pain comes back or something else comes up he can call in and they will look at the situation and decide on radiation or something else or the chemo. Dad looks really good today and it wasn't just the snazzy shirt and nice pants he wore. I thought maybe we were going to church or something after the Drs and I didn't receive the memo. But it just turns out he wanted to look snazzy.As I walked behind I told him he looked nice with the bald head and the way he was dressed but that it brought out the point on his head and then had to duck his cane.

I spent yesterday at Battle Field park and will post pictures on my photo blog later if anyone is interested.


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