Saturday, December 03, 2005

Last night Glenn, Justin and I went to the Bulldogs vs Baby Leafs game at Copps arens in Hamilton. The Bulldogs are in a slump and I think that was there 6 loss in a row. The game was pretty entertaining. The Bulldogs outshot the Leafs by a pretty big margin but just couldn't put them in the net. There was one good fight but down at the far end and against the boards where we couldn't really see much. There was another one but the refs jumped in too quick to stop it. Later on in the 3rd period there was a good fight in the stands down near where the fight had taken place on the ice. Just when everyone thought it was over and were sitting down the one guy sucker punched the other guy and they started swinging again. Soon after Hamilton's finest dragged them away. With about 4 minutes to go Glenn got up to visit the pool and he saw another fight with a couple idiots that were running around in Toronto colours and helmets and the police. He was just a couple feet away from it. Justin was mad his dad didn't get him to see it but his dad said he was still on his way to the pool when it happened. By the way the Bulldogs lost 3-1. The cab ride home with Mario driving the taxi was pretty exciting too. He was flying up the nountain in and around cars then took a phone call. Justine said that was his first ever ride in a cab and Glenn said glad we made it out alive so he can talk about it.

In just over an hour Dad and I are heading out to see the Johhny Cash movie. Dad must be in the mood because I woke up to Johhny Cash music for the first time since I've been stayying here. When I get back I'm going to make a cherry cheesecake and give most of it to Glenn and Kim and family. They like cheesecake but said they have never had mine. I told Jean I will steal us both a piece first. I'm actualy going to make my own pie crust as well !! This will be a first although when I lived in G'hurst I had bought the graham crumbs but decided to eat them as a snack instead. Will let you know how both the movie and the cheesecake turn out.

Sunday we are going out to visit Annette and the family. Ryan has to leave for work around 6 but Tyler is not working. I havn't seen Tyler yet so it will be nice to finaly see him. I heard they got some snow the other day. We have a dusting here but it's freaking coooooooold.

One last thing. I emailed the bitch from the football team and told her that I'd like to update the awards page on the web site if shed send me the information. Her reply was..."Kevin I am so glad to hear from you, I have some really important info to get on asap...Is it possible for you to do it?" Would I have asked for stuff to put on the site if I couldn't ?? I did get a couple nice emails from her after ... "thank you....I have missed you dearly :)" and "Hi Kevin, How is your dad? How are you? I can't wait until you come back :)" I think the reason she was a bitch is because she wanted me and knew she couldn't have me LMAO ... yeah that's it !! Oh I did get one more email from her after I changed the web site for her... "your the best!" but I will tell you I never got the information I had asked for...figures.

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At Saturday, December 03, 2005 9:03:00 AM, Blogger mgower said...

omg the johnny cash movie is soooooooooo good. until that movie i don't think that i had heard ONE of his songs,,,but after that movie i went out and bought the soundtrack, all songs sung from the actors in the movie. I would go see it again. BUT today im off to wallace and Gromit the curse of the were rabbit. There is a budget theater in burlington that shows movies for 4 it's something to do with the kids for a bit.

At Saturday, December 03, 2005 7:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

make sure to make a cheesecake for the northern gowers next week kev

we had to buy one this week
we are lost without you and jodi is "too busy with her career" to make us one.
let us know about the movie later.
by the way not are girls are like that bitch out west. next time don't give in till she puts out. haha
see you next weekend

At Sunday, December 04, 2005 5:49:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i can see i am the bottom of your list for cheese cake.


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