Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 2 and 3

     I should have wrote this sooner as the dementia is setting in and Im having a hard time separating days. We left Merrit and headed to see mom in Kamloops.   It was another hot day. Mom was glad to see us and we were very happy to be with her for a couple days. We hung out a lot relaxing and eating as mom loves to put out food. Even when your not hungry you find yourself filling your mouth with what ever was in a dish on the table beside you. Mom wanted to make supper but we told her no we would order pizza in so we could all relax. After dinner we went up to a park where i like to bird watch. There are lots of different birds there. Mom and Patty walked Dante around and I went bird hunting. Got lots of photos as usual while using my new lens extender, which was handy as the birds are pretty shy. The male yellow headed blackbird and the red wing blackbird were being very evasive from my camera lens.

Mostly male and female yellow headed blackbirds with a goose and red winged blackbird thrown in!

     The 3rd day we waited for Natalie and Peter to show up so we could all go see Pat [pops] together. Mom went a bit earlier so she could feed him his lunch. This care facility is pretty good as you can pretty much come and go as you like. The nurses all seemed very friendly. I liked that we could bring Dante in and Pops was so happy to see him. Dante climbed right onto his lap and pretty much stayed there the whole visit. Pops shared some of his lunch with Dante and we made Dante do some tricks for him and a couple other patients. Pops was in a good mood the whole time we were there. It was a nice visit. Albert called on Friday and was thinking of coming for a visit but it was raining pretty hard in Merritt and so he decided to stay there and relax. He was in town for a baseball tournament with his friend Nick. We were going to go watch a game on Saturday. 

     That evening i went back to the park to do some more bird watching. I saw a couple different birds and even a baby Muskrat. I thought it was dead at first but it was just getting a drink and relaxing. Then it came out of the water went about 10 feet and stopped to nap. It did that a few times till it dissapeard in the bushes. It was pretty small so I think it was a baby and I did get a glimpse of what might have been mama muskrat swimming by probably looking for the baby.

Ruddy Duck

     On Saturday we went to Merritt and went to see Als game. I took lots of photos but i have them on a disk for Al. Patty doesn't like me posting family photos so i don't take many any more. So your all stuck with my nature shots lol. Most of the rest of our visit in Kamloops was going to visit Pops as often as we could, eating eating eating lol and even a visit to the casino where i lost 20 bucks and mom broke even,On Tuesday we headed back to Merritt to stay with sista Natalie and her beau Peter.  More of that in my next post if i remember lol

2 panoramic shots of Kamloops!

Sunset our second night in Kamloops


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