Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rented lens

Today I took a bus downtown and went to a camera shop. I discovered recently there is a shop in town that rents everything photography. I went into talk about renting a lens for my new camera that I want to take to the canucks game. It says on the web site no lens bigger than 75mm  so I wanted a 24 to 70mm lens. After filling in all the paper work and discussing when I wanted the lens I realized because of the days they are closed I could pick it up today and keep till Thursday and only pay for 3 days. What a steal, how couldn't I? So tonight after my beautiful wife treated me to dinner I decided to go out and play around with the lens and get a feel for it. Following are some of the results!

The first 7photos are of an old school just across the street from us.

Below is one of my ghost shots.

This one here was going to be a ghost shot but then I started to draw with my phone. I should have had it in manual focus because the light must have made the auto focus sensor mess up.

Below are car trail lights as they pass a bus stop.

The top green light in this photo is from a taxi sign on top of the car.

The following are from the dock yard.

When we had got home from dinner it was looking quite foggy out but I had to take a bus down to the Dock Yard to where there was still fog. It will probably be foggy in the morning since today it was +9 at 8am this morning and should be close to the same tomorrow.


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