Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Walk with my new camera

Its been a little while so I thought I should do another post. Lots of ideas floating around my head just no real time to do this. Im on holidays from BC Transit for a week so I will make some time. I bought a new camera since mine is about 1 years old. I bought a canon 6D which is considered a prosumer camera since it has full frame technology and 20.2mp sensor. Yesterday afternoon I decided to hop on a bus and go down by the water to see if there was anything interesting. As I walked by a gate leading to a dock I could see something big on the dock. By the time I realized that it was a big otter taking a crap it jumped into the water.

A guy came up behind me and asked if he could help me and I told him what I saw and he said yeah that happens a lot. He works in the office right there and said they are cute but they are also a nuisance. Just then I noticed a Heron on one of their boats so I asked if he would mind if I went out there and tried to get a couple photos. He said sure but if I got a nice shot could I email him one. I said no problem. So he unlocked the gate and I started to sneak as close as I could. I was creeping along a boat watching not to step in all the otter poop and camera ready in case I startled the Heron. All of a sudden I heard a noise and it startled me and I watched the otter jump off the deck of the boat i was beside and dissapear into the water. It scrared the crap outta me but I held it in and didnt scare the bird away.

I got fairly close to him/her before it flew away. I took a lot of photos as usual but didnt get carried away. I then took a few abstract photos before I continued down town.

It was a very nice day probably about plus 10. I had to wear my hoodie close to the water but a short sleeve T shirt was good enough every where else. I decided to walk down closer to the Empress hotel and parliment buildings to take a few more shots then head up to a bus stop and head home. I have to read up on the camera to figure out some of the new settings but I really like the feel of it and of course the results.


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