Monday, June 30, 2014

Ocean Walk

Yesterday I decided to take Dante for a walk on the boardwalk along the Ocean. Its just a short walk from our place but so beautiful to view. From this side you can see the down town area and Fisherman's Wharf where Captain Ron and Sea King Adventures Whale Watching is set up. I've known Captain Ron since my first summer when Sabine and I went whale watching on or right around my birthday. Have gone out whale watching at least once a year since and sometimes up to 5 times. We always see whales and its such a nice boat ride out on the ocean. This is where Robert and I ended up walking all the way down town and then over to Fisherman's Wharf.

Dante and I decided to invite Patty and Gwen to come along on our walk today. I promised them both a Popsicle if they behaved and didn't whine. It's a gorgeous day out today warm but not too hot and really sunny. There was lots to see today with all the house boats, kayaks, birds and sea planes landing and taking off. I want to try and do this walk on more of a regular basis and maybe writing it on here will make me feel more obligated. Yesterday I just had my phone and posted a couple photos but today I took my regular camera. I'm hoping to finally get my new camera before we head to Ontario. Well here are a few shots from today I hope you enjoy them and while I think of it HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

The start of our walk photo op!

A baby goose!

A plain taking off with the mountains in the background!

Fisherman's Wharf!

This seagull is eating something in a shell!

It was exciting to watch this bird looking for something to eat!

Its hard to see in the following photo but the bird
is there in the middle of its dive!

You can see as the bird takes off it has something!

Gwen finding sea shells!

An old glove!

One of the many cruise ships that stop by to visit Victoria!