Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vegas Part 6

Saturday morning was our last full day in Las Vegas. I got up pretty early showered dressed and went down stairs to the casino and entered a texas holdem tournament at the Flamingo poker room. It was 50 dollars to enter and since we had spent around 10 dollars gambling so far I didnt feel bad about entering. There was over 30 entered and the top 3 got paid. I made it to 12th and a couple players had re bought in. I did pretty good the first few hands becoming the chip leader at my table pretty quick thanks to my pocket Aces and the woman beside me going all in with pocket 7,s. Every one at the table were thinking it was a bit early to go all in but after seeing my cards they said you had to do it. To help me an ace came up on the flop. I made it to the break and chip up then things went downhill from there. I can tell you that in 3 of my 4 last hands I had ace, king but couldnt make them pay off. My last hand I was big blind and had enough for 2 more big blinds so went all in with ace, king. The older gentle man beside me said he would help double me up as he was pretty sure I had better cards than him which he was right because he had 10, 4 suited. But as it goes he rivered a 4 and took me out. I was pretty pleased with the way I had played being my first pay tourney not counting the 2 dollar games we played at Laurie and Owens before I came back out here.

When I went up stairs Patty was up so we went for something to eat and then caught a bus to the Wynn Casino. Being a bus driver in BC it didnt cost me to get on I just flashed my ID card. The Wynn hotel is very nice. They say most stars stay there when they come for a visit. It was a very classy place on the strip. We wandered around for a while but didnt dare go into the shops. They had stores like coach, Rolex, Tiffanys and Chanel. The shoe and clothing stores had about 5 items in the store for you to look at. We then went to the Venetion which was another amazing Hotel. We went and checked out the Gondola rides but there was a long line up and it was about 80 bucks for 2 people. We wandered around in there for a while and came across Gadivas Chocolares. They gave us a sample and it was oh so good. we decided to go in and check it out and we were watching a woman making Strawberry Banana kabobs covered in Gadivas chocolate.  OMG were they good! 

Next up was going back to our room and getting ready for Beatles Love by Cirque De Soleil. I had booked the seats before we went and they were awesome seats although I dont think there was a bad seat in the house. The show was awesome and kept you at the edge of your seat. There wasnt a dull moment. You almost got whip lash trying to follow everything that was happening. The music was awesome and the sound clips of the Beatles talking and joking were well awesome as well. I truly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I only wished I had taken a few photos of the Characters after the show was over but it was the first time I listened to them when they said no photos allowed.


On the way back to our room we stopped and got some Chinese food. Was quite reasonable and was quite good. Our last day full day in Las Vegas was coming to an end and although we discovered we are not really Vegas people we did have an awesome time and could see ourselves going back.