Monday, February 17, 2014

Vegas Part 3

Our First morning there I was up around 5am and since it was Pattys birthday I decided to let her sleep in and went for a walk. And what a walk! Every hotel looks right beside each other but they all gotta be a 1/4 mile wide. It took me 3 hours to walk up to the end of the strip by the airport and back. I started at Ballys and went in each casino where i got a $1 chip to bring home. I have around 20 of them. It was still kind of dark out so I didnt take many pictures. I was so pooped when I got back. Patty was awake so I took a shower then we went out for breakfast and a walk. We went up the street to a ticket booth where we picked up tickets to Terry Fador for half price. Good seats too. We did a lot of walking and a lot of eating and alot more of both again. I wore my Canucks hat so we attracted alot of Canadians and we ended up shopping for souvenirs with a couple from Winnipeg. They saved me once when someone handed me a free cd to check out there music then wanted a donation. I offered them my tooney but they didnt seem to like it. I gave them back their cd and was dragged away lol.  

I should have wrote this out when we got home because its all a blurr now.  Because we are not gamblers we didnt hang out in the casinos but we did do a lot of site seeing. We went back to the room and watched tv and had a nap before the concert. Terry Fator won Americas got talent a few years back and has his own concert hall in Ceasers Palace. He is a good singer and a great ventriloquist. (you know I used spell checker for that word lol) He was given an award for his contributions to the war vets and family of war vets that he helps out. You could see he was touched by it. That was one thing I noticed in Las Vegas is there was alot of support for vets but nothing on the Olympics.

Afterwards we went back to the Cheesecake Factory for supper for another great meal. Patty ordered some gorilla drink and we split nachos and stuffed mushrooms. I had told them that it was Pattys birthday and since we ordered cheesecake to go they brought out icecream with whipped cream and a candle and sang happy birthday to her. We went back to our room and ate our cheesecake, a great end to a great day.