Saturday, June 08, 2013

Poker and Gwen

Well hello again long time no see. Been thinking about my blog a lot lately and actually have a couple things to talk about. So here goes...

Im still going to the legion for poker night every thursday. Two weeks ago I made it to the final table and ended up in fourth place. Actually the week before that I made it to the final table but went all in on the first hand and got knocked out. This past week I took Erin who lives in our building to play poker. I got an extra thousand for bringing her. Mike, one of the regulars put a bounty on me so the person that knocked me out of the game would get a drink on him. Part way through the night when we were on break he said I hope you didnt mind when I did that but I thought it might make you play a little tighter knowing people were gunning for you and I did. Mike is a pretty good player and is usually at the final table although he wasnt this night. He gives me pointers and I find I play better the more I listen to him. One thing he told me was its a little mistake if you fold a winning hand and its a huge mistake if you keep putting in chips and lose with a bad hand. It did make me fold a pair of kings when a little old lady made a big bet on the river card and I just couldnt figure out what she might have and folded only to find out she had a pair of twos. My old way of playing I would have gone all in but being at the final table makes you think a little more and play a little safer. I find i play my cards and dont read what others might have unless someone says oh someone might have caught a straight or flush then i sit back and think about my play more. Look forward to game night every week.

Well papa is getting him some Gwennie time now. Two days a week I get to watch her. Last week is was just Monday because Mary had to go to Gwen's new school for meet and greet getting ready for kindergarten. I was out walking Dante when she showed up and she was ready for a hike. she likes to mountain climb and we have a great spot right next door. We were probably gone for about an hour and a half and we had been all over the park. She would lead and say come on papa its ok you can do it. At one point she lead us down a dead end and I said come on we gotta go this way i'll lead. We start walking and Gwen passes me and says your too old to lead papa. what could i say? I let her lead again.

We went inside and then we had to go see my boss. We then went to the grocery store to get some goodies to go on a picnic. Of course we were going back to the top of the mountain for our picnic and we couldnt take the path. It was a great day to be outside!