Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Part 2
When we got to Vegas we had to get our luggage and make our way outside to catch a cab to our hotel The Flamingo. We didnt have to go on the strip but we could see all the big buildings as we got closer to our hotel. As we made our way to the front desk we were greeted by a couple smiling people welcoming  us to Vegas. They asked if it was our first time and if we were there for something special or just a vacation. I told them we were there for Pattys birthday and they said well then we have a free gift for you come over to the desk and get it. They were offering us seats to see Donny and Marie and we were thinking wow  thats awesome. Thats when they hit you with the all we need is an hour and a half of your time tomorrow morning. I was like crap its time sharing. Patty and I backed away saying thanks but no thanks. That was the first thing I didnt like about the trip because when ever you passed through that area they were trying to grab you to sign up for the time sharing. We got smart by saying our flight was tomorrow morning but it was still a pain in the ass. The second thing I didnt like was the clickers as we called them trying to force the naked girl cards into your hand. dont get me wrong I liked the naked pictures just not how they forced them on you or blocked the sidewalk making you go around them. Whenever they tried to hand one to someone and it was taken they would click the cards hence the name clickers. It got to the point where I would just glare at them when they stepped out in front of me.
When we were checking into our room I asked if there was any chance for an upgrade because it was Pattys birthday and the woman said sorry there was nothing available. I said what about that guy in the suit there he looks important maybe he can help us out. He came over and looked through the computer and he said we will give you 2 keys the one for the 18th floor is your room and the one on the 16th floor is the upgrade if you prefer. We went to the 16th floor and checked out the first room. It was nice but older looking, separate bedroom and living room and a small bathroom and old box tv in both rooms. We then went to the 18th floor and it was a single room but recently renovated king size bed flat screen tv a huge bathroom with a tv in the mirror. Of course thats the room we took. It had a nice view out the window of the new  ferris wheel thing they are building next door and the garden area where the flamingos and other birds are. 

After we got set up in our room we got changed and headed over to Ceasers Palace  to pick up our tickets for the Shania concert and grab a bite to eat. That place is awesome and it is huge! We wandered around and came across the Cheesecake Factory and decided to eat supper there. The food was awesome but sorry to say Penny was not working. Also Ceasers Palace doesnt look anything like it used to like in the Friends show when Joey worked there. We then headed to the concert and to get our seats. We were shocked when we heard that Shania had cancelled all her shows the week before because she was sick. we were glad she was feeling better. The show was awesome. She puts on a good show ans sang all her hits. She has an album coming out this summer. She had multiple costume changes, she went into the audience and got people to participate and then she invited a few people up on stage for a campfire sing along. Her sister from huntsville rvrn joined her on stage for a few songs. It was a really  good concert.

That was a great end of our first day in Vegas so back to our room for some much needed sleep!