Monday, February 10, 2014

Las Vegas Part 1
  Wed morning at 5am we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Any one that knows Patty will know she stresses out real easy. Add in something like not being able to find her eye glasses and the stress was off the chart. We turned our place upside down looking for them every where we could think of and every where in between. We could not find them and Patty was saying she couldnt go and I was telling her I would buy her a pair in Vegas. We finally decided we would go. There was no way they could have been in our place or we should have found them. Patty was also sick with a cold so that was strike two. She kept saying on the way that things come in threes and something else was going to go wrong. 

We get to the airport and since I had checked in the night before we went to put our luggage through when we were informed that our flight had been cancelled for repairs and that they would get us on a flight that afternoon. Strike 3!!! I almost lost it .... I was biting my lip saying are you freaking kidding me we have a concert that night and no refunds on tickets that had to be picked up an hour before the show. The person behind the counter said hed be right back and went into a back room. Shortly after he came out with a woman and she went down the counter and returned a couple minutes later saying she got us on another flight. I couldnt thank her enough! We were on some small airline taking a puddle jumper across to Vancouver. The plane was so small. You couldnt stand up in the plane and there was a single row of seats down each side. The cockpit was wide open and you could see the runway will good when we were coming in for a landing. When we got to Vancouver we had to go pick up our luggage then catch a shuttle to the main airport. We actually got there earlier than if we had been on our regular scheduled flight. It was a fun flight!
After we were checked into our next flight we walked around the terminal a while and Patty had saw some make up she wanted. We were sitting waiting to board and I said lets go get the make up but she didnt think we had enough time. I said come on lets go we have time. When we got there she said she couldnt read the labels so I said hang on I have some reading glasses in my camera bag. Patty picked out some makeup and we payed and as we walked back to the plane I asked her how could she walk with my reading glasses on everything had to be blurry. She said no she could see fine. Most have you have probably figured it out by now and yes they were her glasses. Not sure how I ended up with them instead of my reading glasses but Im glad it worked out and Patty was happy so she didnt even get mad at me. It was smooth sailing from there and a smooth flight to Las Vegas