Sunday, April 26, 2015


Thought it was about time for another blog post.

I want to do regular posts on events that happen on the bus. When ever i get a new one i think i cant post that i have older ones that i need to post but i cant put it off any longer. So Ill mix it up a bit and i still have a tonne of photos i want to post. I will make sure i put when its an older story.


For those of you that believe in Karma here is a story for you ...

Last night i was doing a Sooke run which is a pretty long drive without many stops. Its about 40kms long. It was later after the Canucks had lost and I was still wearing my Jersey.  A young woman was stand up near me because she was trying to keep an eye out for her stop and it was dark. We started chatting as I was driving talking about places where she has been then about animals. Shes been a lot of places but not in Canada. I told she has to drive across Canada at least once so she can compare to where she has been.

We were talking about animals like the squrrel we have living beside our building that im feeding and gave it a warm blanket. Its pretty young and scared. She told me how a racoon chewed off part of her friends face and I told her about the eagle i helped out. Some drunk guy at the back starts yelling stuff out like quit whinning and shut the fuck up and drive. I just looked back in the mirror and focused on him but the young woman turned around and said why do you have to be so rude. I told her in a loud voice its best to not answer to drunks it only provokes them. We continued our chat then her stop came up and she got off.

The drive was pretty quiet after that and as a passenger was getting off he said "i think you have some one passed out and Ive seen him before so pretty sure he missed his stop". i looked in the mirror and said oh the drunk that was yelling at me and he said yes. I thanked him as he got off and said i would take care of it. I waited till I got to my last stop and called it out. Then I called control to let them know about the situation. They asked if i felt comfortable trying to wake him up and i said i would try. A supervisor called and said it might not be safe wait for the police or to continue back to town and he'd meet up with me. Within a couple minutes the police were there. I asked if I could help and they said no worries they had it so i just stood back and watched. He was not happy about being woken up by the police then taken over to the car and searched. I asked if i was needed and they said no thanks you can continue on your drive. I must say i had a pretty big smile on my face when i walked away from him.

Like John Lennon Sang .... "Instant Karma is going to get you" !


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