Thursday, June 18, 2015

        This is my first post about our trip to Kamloops and Merritt to visit family. We both had a great time and miss our family dearly! Mom spoiled us as usual with never ending food. She cooked breakfast every morning. We always made sure some was left over for Dante. Moms not really a dog person but I know that by the time we left she loved Dante as much as he loved her.We got to spend some quality time with Peter and Natalie and except for a little mishap with Dante trying to eat through the dining room doors when we left him alone we had a great time. My first day was spent repairing and painting the doors. It came out of Dantes allowance!

      I'm working on my photos from our trip and will post them here soon. First i have to post a time lapse video i shot from moms balcony. I've never tried before although I've had the technology for all my cameras. I just used it as a cable release for my night time photography. Anyways after seeing a beautiful sunset and taking a few pictures with Patty i decided to try and do a time lapse of a sunset the following night. Of course the first night was the best night but i did it anyways.  I put it together on my computer and added some music and if it works you will see it now!


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