Wednesday, June 03, 2015

    Well not sure how long this post will be but I was out at Beacon Hill Park with Patty and Dante taking photos so I thought I would share some. Also got off the phone a short while ago from talking to my niece Jessica about her trip out here in the next couple weeks. Wanted to see where she was on her plans and what times were open. Patty wants to see The Lion King over in Vancouver and I thought we could make a great outing to Vancouver with Jessica. I just finished booking the tickets and was going over my photos showing Patty what i took today. Im hoping we can see lots of nature when Jess is here so she can use her new camera to get some good shots. Looking forward to having family visit again! I know this time Jess will get to see some seals, probably her first morning here when she has breakfast with her Nana at Oak Bay Marina.

    I'm back to work again after 4 weeks off with my surgery. My arms still tingle but i'm not leaking and not in pain so everything is good. I worked 1 day [Monday] now I'm on my days off and then Monday i start holidays! Nothing out of the ordinary happened. When I went in Tuesday morning to pick my summer work the Manager told me to not rush out she had something for me. Other drivers around said oh oh someones in trouble! They came out with a piece of paper and said what do you know about the Beatles? I laughed and said I've forgotten more than i can remember. He said I could tell by the grin your the right driver. Every once in a while i do trivia on my bus. One night I did Beatles trivia and i had about 5 or 6 guys on the back of the bus headed home from the bar. They as well as the other passengers were really enjoying the ride home and the trivia. I told everyone they could use their smartphones if they wanted to but that group wouldn't allow each other to do that. They all came up and shook my hand leaving and one stopped and asked me my name. He said I'm going to write BC Transit and tell them about you. Well lots of ppl say that but usually don't so i was shocked that he actually did. He actually wrote in his email that he never sends in positive comments but that i had made a good night out even better by having the trivia and calling out stops so they didn't miss their stop. He continued to say he could tell that this driver enjoyed his job and should be commended for his great public service. That's the letter i got lol. It's not much but i appreciate it when people take time out to do that. That's the second one I've received in my 1 year of driving conventional. I was also told by an office worker that was riding my bus one night that i was by far the best driver he had ridden with in quite a while. He said he would let my boss know. I found that he had called it in and that was his last night working for BC transit and he was just out riding for fun when he got on my bus. I do it for myself. I love my job and its even better when you can have some fun and brighten someone else s day. I try to greet everyone getting on my bus with a smile and i say goodnight to them as they get off my bus. There are times when you get idiots and they try and ruin your night but you just have to try and shake it off and keep smiling! I even wish them a goodnight as they get off.

     I really didn't know where i was going to go with this post it just started rambling out of me. Well that's all for tonight hope you enjoy my photos!


At Saturday, June 06, 2015 5:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pics are great Kevin. Love reading your posts. Thank you so much for arranging to take Jess to see Lion King. She is really looking forward to her trip and you and Patty are a very special part of it. thanks again. Jeannine


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