Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 1 of our trip!

      Our first day on our trip we didn't set an alarm just got up when we felt like it.  I checked the times of the ferries and we decided which one we should catch then loaded up the car and headed out. Dante didn't start off to good on this trip as he was shaking from the time we got on the ferry till we hit Merritt. He had always been a good passenger as we started taking him on long drives right from the get go. Ever since I got my truck he has changed. He hates my truck and shakes most of the time in it but he seems ok in Patty's car until this trip. Anyways we stopped in Merritt the first day to spend time with Peter and Natalie. They took us to the river where they like to go for a walk every day. It was a gorgeous day for a walk along the river. Natalie and Peter always take peanuts and the crows know when they are there. Along the trail they drop peanuts to feed the crows. Every tree seemed like there was a crow waiting for the peanuts. I had my camera and took lots of pictures of the crows and other things along the river.

I always forget what kind of bird this is. Ive posted pictures of one of these birds on my blog before!

This crows a pig and managed to get 2 peanuts at one time in its beak!

Natalie and Peter hide peanuts in the holes drilled in this rock for the crows to find!

     After our walk we took Dante back to Natalie and Peters so we could go out to dinner where we met up with Patty's friend Anitta. We went to a sports bar and the meal was great. After dinner we were outside taking group photos when someone spotted a Marmot. I grabbed my camera and kept creeping up seeing how close i could get. I actually got pretty close before he took off. Then we went back to the house and thats when we found out how unhappy Dante was for being left there. He decided to chew on the french doors separating the dining room and living room. So that night and part of the next day I was busy trying to fix  what Dante had done. I gotta say for a quick job I did pretty good!

     The second day after I was done painting the doors we left for Kamloops and to spend time with mom. I love going to moms she always spoils us when we are there. We decided we would not leave Dante alone for the rest of the trip lol.


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Dante just does not like Fords take him for a ride in a Chev


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