Thursday, March 31, 2016

Beacon Hill and other crap

       Well I'm back again with another post. I couldn't believe it's been since early December! I really enjoy doing this blog especially when I have photos to post. I've got some older photos I've been wanting to share but just don't seem to have the time or when I do have time I'm too tired.  Most of my followers are long gone.  I just don't like posting all my photos on Facebook and I'm not on there all that often. Ok at least once a day but you miss a lot of posts because they move down on the page when new insignificant stuff is posted from advertisers. 

      Well we went to Kamloops 2 weeks ago and we brought mom back with us. The weather was not that nice and she is not 100% and is on a new healthy diet. That's one thing we don't do well on in this house lol. We do try now and then but never lasts too long. I'm going to blame Patty although my will power has dissapeard over the years. I do need to lose weight and I have lost about 10 lbs since Christmas. I was at an all time high of 246 and thought holy shit how does that happen? I'm in the mid 230's now but would really like to lose another 20 lbs at least! Pepsi is the hardest thing for me to kick. Working evenings its hard to eat healthy as I don't want to cook a big meal at lunch time. When I was off work for a week Patty and I ate pretty good as I cooked half decent meals with salads most of that week. Ok I got off subject as I was talking about mom. We were hoping she would stay at least a couple weeks but she decided to head back and catch a ride with aunty after just a week. Aunty was going to Angie and Davids for Easter dinner in Kamloops so it worked out well for mom. Of course the next day we started getting better weather. I miss our walks mom hope you come back when your feeling better I will find more places for us to go!

     Well we are trying to evict an idiot in our building that had slapped me a while back. We had the hearing with the RTB [Residential Tenancy Branch]. He call in late to the phone hearing then said he would be gone by the end of the month. He was calling the police every day on tenants picking on him telling cops he was leaving soon. Day comes hes supposed to be gone and I had a police officer come serve him with Patty. He says hes not moving we have to go to the supreme court of Canada to get him out. So now I'm dealing with the court and getting a bailiff and he says he will be out Monday. We will see! I will post more including the video of when he slapped me but not till after he goes to court for assault.

     So ...... Wednesday I was baby sitting Jack and had to go to the court house to fix some errors in the paper work and decided to take Jack to the city on a bus with me. Surprising the court house was quiet and I was out of there quick. Jack and I walked down to Beacon Hill Park, after we went to get Jack a new sippy cup because I forgot his at home and he wanted juice! It was a gorgeous day and we took off our jackets and I let Jack run around. He kept getting excited when he saw all the birds but he never wanted to get to close. We walked around the pond and sat on the bench and had a snack while I took photos of the turtles sunning themselves on a log in the water. Jack and I had a blast and I took lots of pictures to brag .... I mean show the people in the East how March is supposed to look!

 Jack out of the stroller running wild!

The turtles sunning themselves,one of the many ducks, and a fountain!

Blue Heron nest some with babies!

Jack watching a couple squawking geese  that came walking up beside him!

Some of the many many flowers in bloom in March!

This is one of the wild free roaming Peacocks in the park!

      I had told Patty we would be in the park so she was going to meet us and pick us up near the petting zoo. She texted she was on her way so we headed over there. We had some time before Patty had to go pick up Gwen at school so we decided to take Jack into the petting zoo. Jack was ok looking at the animals till I took him into the goat area. He wanted nothing to do with it. I tried to put him down and he started to cry. I eventually talked him into touching a baby goat. It was real cute but it was hard getting a picture while I was holding him. We then walked over near grandma who was outside the fence. I got him to stand on his own so I could take a couple pictures. He was trying to ignore the mature great great grandma goat that was right beside him. It was so gentle and leaned in to sniff Jack. He was still ignoring it.

       After this we took Jack to the Beacon Hill Restaurant and got him some fries which he loves! Then it was off to pick up Dante then to the school to pick up Gwen. I took Dante for a walk and for the first time made it all the way to the top of Mill Hill. It was so nice but I regretted leaving my good camera in the car. I took a couple photos with my phone but it's not the same.

     Well that's all for now, I had fun writing and sharing this with you all  I hope I get back here soon!

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Im still reading your blog big bro, greetings from germany


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