Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Whale watching

     Well my little buddy Donavan from Duncan turned 9 so I decided i would bring him to Victoria for a day. Had nothing planned but knew we would have a good time. The day before i picked him up I called good ol Captain Ron from SeaKing Adventures to see if any whales had been spotted recently and was told yes. So I booked Donavan and myself for an afternoon tour.

     I brought Donavan home for the night and we had fun playing video games. I must say he beat me fair and square in a hockey match 3 - 1. Of course i didnt want to play him again so i let him play the monster truck game. When he was tired of that i put on the TV for him and he decided to draw Patty a beautiful dragon picture. Well after a little commotion outside it was 1am and time to sleep. He must have had a good sleep because I had to send Dante in to lick his face and wake him up.

    We had a quick breakfast and then headed to catch the bus. Because someone slept in we didnt have time to hang out downtown we headed straight to Fisherman's Wharf.  We went to book in for whale watching then went and got something to eat. We bought some raw fish to feed the seal while we waited for the food. Donavan really enjoyed it although he did say he was a little nervous at first and could feel and hear his heart pounding.

     We went down to get ready to whale watch. Captain Ron said there was another group of 8 going out with us so it was a full boat. Always good to have more people especially first timers. I remember my first time going out and how exciting it was to see my first Orca. I've been hooked ever since! Well it was a good day out on the water and we found J Pod off of Juan De Fuca Island. They were pretty spread out but they were easy to spot. Captain Ron noticed it was all females we were watching so he decided to venture off and find a male. You can describe the males dorsal fin being 6 feet tall but until you see it, its hard to imagine. Well Captain Ron found one and there were no other boats around so we could just sit and watch it without any one getting in our way.

     On the way back the water was a bit rougher and Donavan decided to sit up front in the bow with 4 young ladies from the other group. They were all having a blast as we bounced off the waves. Some of the older ones were having more fun than the kids i think. It was high tide when we headed back and most of the seals were out feeding but we did manage to spot a few on the rocks as well as a couple young pups.

     Well it was an awesome adventure as always with Captain Ron and SeaKing Adventures. Every one enjoyed themselves and it was nice meeting everyone who was on the boat. I didnt get any names but it was fun watching the woman from the UK covering up trying to avoid the water splashing on her. Her family took pictures im sure to try and tease her later. Thanks to every one on board who made this adventure more enjoyable! And thanks to Captain Ron and SeaKing Adventures I cant wait to do it again!

     Thanks Donavan for coming and spending the day with me! I could tell you had as much fun and probably more fun than i had. Your a very well behaved boy and i enjoyed your company. Hope we can do something like this again some day!


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