Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Part Two

       Ok now the photos everyone has been waiting for! When we pulled into the floating dock to switch to the flat bottom boat needed to go up the river we were met by our first bear. The dock is about 15 yards from the shore and a female grizzly walked out of the bushes and down to the shore where she started flipping rocks looking for food. We piled onto the boat to follow her along the shore.

     Next we went over to the mouth of the river where we found another young female grizzly. We didn't notice it right away but she put the run on a small weasel like critter but never caught it.

     Then along came her sister and we were all thinking it was going to be a nice family reunion but she put the run on her sister. After a short chase the walked back to the beach together then decided to go their separate ways.

     Next we went back to the dock to have a nice lunch. We were first ones there, first have lunch and first back out on the water. We went and found the first bear we had seen and she must have found enough to eat as she was having a nap.

     We then went back to the river where our two guides had to get out and drag us up the river as it was too shallow to run the motor.  We came across this female hiding in the grass.

     They kept pushing the boat trying to get us to a better viewing spot when we noticed this young cub. Everyone was excited to see a baby.

     They kept moving the boat hoping for a better view then we noticed there were two cubs with the mother. Now that was awesome and there was no way to top that!

      Or was there? It took a bit but who would have thunk it? Three babies with the mother! But as soon as we spotted the third baby the mother decided to take them into the bush again.

      All the bears that we had seen to this point were females. Not sure what the babies were yet. Shortly after they dissapeard into the woods we saw another bear come out of the woods. This was our first and only male and probably the reason the mom and cubs went into the woods. We stayed where we were up against the shore and the male ended up coming right down and passing us about 15 yards away from the boat, if that!

     He walked past us then went down to the water and went swimming going further away from us. Our time was about done and we had to head back and change boats again. We saw two more females with cubs but they were quite a distance away.The one was hiding in the deep grass and the cub was nursing but we couldnt get any good photos.

      All in all it was a great outing that surpassed what I was hoping to see. I would definitely do this again maybe when the salmon are spawning next year!


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