Friday, July 13, 2018

Sunday June 10

      We had a nice dinner before heading back to the hotel for the night. It was a fun day sight seeing and the weather was nice too.  When we got back we stopped for ice cream across the road from our place and then I decided to take some photos of our view

     Sunday morning we decided to have breakfast at another place that was right across the street from where we stayed. It was pretty reasonable and tasted good too. Then we walked down the street and hopped on the bus to NY city again. We decided we were going to have a relaxed day and hang out in central park. We had to stop and get an umbrella because the weather didn't look as good as the day before. It rained a little on us but over all was pretty good. Of course we went back to Strawberry Fields and sat and relaxed there watching all the people stopping to check out the Imagine art work. It just felt so peaceful.


     We then wandered  Central Park for a while of course getting lost cause that's what I do lol. The park was way bigger than I had imagined. And there were so many things to photograph. We even bought a hotdog off a cart in the Park. There was also lots of excitement as there was a Porto Rican parade going on so lots of people waving flags and dressed up it was kind of cool. We went down to a pond or lake where people could rent row boats and there were people feeding turtles and fish by the shore. We wandered over to an area where we heard some singing and hung out listening to this guy with an amazing voice.  They might have been from a church or something but they were very good. They even brought a tear to Patty's eyes. So we strolled around taking pictures till we got back to Strawberry Fields and eventually back to the Dakota building. While we were standing there a young woman was walking towards the building with her two kids and I congratulated her son who was wearing a yellow belt with a stripe and carrying his   yellow belt. They said thank you then walked through the gates into the court yard of the Dakota and all I could think was holy shit I talked to someone that lives in the building that John Lennon had lived! I took another 100 pictures then we started making our way back to where we thought we had to catch the bus.

     So we go to where I figure the bus is supposed to pick us up and because of the parade it had been detoured but they didn't warn us. Of course this was my fault so we sat and waited a while because the parade was over and I figured they should return to normal route. Next I start trying to flag a cab down but they were all coming from the parade and were full. We finally walk down the street a little and cross the road and I get us a cab. We were not going too far but after all the walking we had done we were pretty tired. The Cabby was an awesome guy we chatted all the way while he darted from lane to lane. I told him what an awesome job he did and he explained how the first couple years cabbies get into accidents trying to get to a pick up then he said you realize 50 feet down the road is someone else. No one in cab no money lol. We got to our destination and I gave him a pretty good tip because is wasn't much of a ride. We then went and got a few souvenirs and found a place to eat. The city was still so busy. We then caught the bus back to our room. 

      When we got back to our room I decided to do some more night photography behind our hotel. When I got back up on our balcony I started chatting with a neighbor and he told me there was a place about 15 minutes away where you could get some shots of NY City across the Hudson. I was pretty excited and went to tell Patty but she was tired and not excited at all. She was always worried I  was going to get myself killed. I told her I'd be safe but I had to do it. I had to fill up on gas anyways. I did find the place fairly easy with gps but finding parking was another story. I just kept driving till I seen a little side street and when I turned onto it it said resident parking only but there were spots. I was only going to be right across the street from the car so I decided to park. The view was amazing! I just wish I had brought a tripod on our trip cause there was no where to put the camera. I had to crank the settings up but I still managed to get a few good shots hand holding my camera. I am really glad I found the place. Oh by the way it was at Hamilton Park lol

From Hamilton Park

Monday morning it was off to Salem again!


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