Monday, June 19, 2017

Kamloops part 2 of ?

       So for the last 4 years or so we have gone to Kamloops for my birthday. It works out good because I can always seem to book 2 weeks off in June. It would be harder in July and august but I could probably get 2 weeks off together in those months every 3 years. 

         One of the places I always like to get to at least once per visit is the park with the bird sanctuary. You never know what your going to see there. There are so many different birds that seem to go there. Some birds are quite inquisitive and will come in close to see you. Others like to keep there distance. They have a bench where I just sit and relax and wait for a photo op. When it comes to editing I realize I tend to take too many photos and its a bit of a pain when I'm trying to pick which ones to post. Patty and mom go off for a walk and they usually end up coming down near me and then wandering off again waiting for me to get bored and catch up. I don't usually get bored but I know they do so I eventually wander up to see where they are. They were relaxing on a bench near the water park so I talked them into letting me take a couple photos. They are both the same as they let me but then they have to check out the photos and let me know if I have to delete them or not. It was a gorgeous out and there were lots of different birds to be seen.

I was hoping to see a muskrat again this year. I saw my first one there last year.

A sign that is posted, do people not know this?

A very pretty bird but never gets too close.

A butterfly with the number 8 on its wings

Ants like you wouldn't believe I thought the ground was moving

A small hawk I noticed from moms couch!


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