Monday, December 05, 2016

Long time no see

     Well hello again everyone long time no see. I thought it was about time I did a new post before I lose the last few of my viewers. Lots of stuff going on here. I've gotten hooked on pinterest and Im starting to do crafty things. Started before Halloween when I got some ideas to build a cemetary then I ordered a Beatlejuice costume. We had a Halloween party in our building and had a pumpkin decorating contest and had people show up in lobby dressed up it was a fun night! I didnt take hardly any pictures but I will look for some to post on here.

Ok I found a couple on my computer I will check another time for some more on my old camera.

     Back in the summer when I was driving bus I met 2 families from Vancouver that were over for the day to celebrate all of their birthdays. They do this every year just to get away for a day. There were 7 woman ranging from 10yrs and up. They were asking me questions about a connecting bus they needed to catch to get to the Ferry terminal. I told them they were in luck that after a short break I was going to be the next bus to Swartz Bay. I told them if they liked they could hang out with me and that I was going to go get something to eat. So we walked down Government street and I showed them different places they could get something to eat. We all decided to get A&W. They wanted to buy my meal but I wouldn't allow it. I showed them around a bit and then we headed back to the bus. I told them they could finish their meal on the bus as long as they didn't leave any garbage. I learned alot about them as One woman had been a teacher in Gunea and had moved to Canada about 10 years ago and while raising her 4 daughters on her own went to school and had become a teacher in Vancouver. When we got to Vancouver one woman came up and gave me the best compliment I had ever received. She said the girls had said if there were more men in the world like me there would be no wars. She shook my hand and tried to slip 20 dollars into my hand. I told her I couldn't take it that it was my pleasure hanging out with them. She said the girls would be very dissapointed if I didn't take it. She stuck it in my shirt pocket and and thanked me and I told her I would somehow pay it forward. So last week my last day of the sign up that I had to walk down town I handed out new pairs of socks to all the homeless people I passed. I had gone to costco the week before and had put some of my own money in to get the socks. Everyone was very appreciative as it was a cold wet day.

    Also in the last month or so the tenant that had assaulted me plead guilty to forcible entry and assault. I'm now going to attempt to post the video on here. I was told I couldn't before the trial as it would have interfered with his chances of a fair trial.

Hmmmm it's too big...

Uploading to you-tube then will post it here

Random photos from the end of summer.

Photos of birds as I sit in a chair out front of our building.

This hummingbird feeder is on the 4th floor.

I had 4 different kind of tomato plants! Most of them I ate right off the plant and they never made it inside our place.

Dantes girlfriend!

Twice a week I had at least a 10 minute break here on my #8 bus route!

    Thats all for now I have to get to bed. I get to baby sit my grandson Jack tomorrow!


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