Monday, August 08, 2016

Jack and Gwen part one

     First off I want to say that I love all my grandchildren even the 4 legged fur babies. Due to circumstances I'm lucky to get to spend lots of time with Gwen and Jack. Gwen is growing up so fast. She and I actually spent some time together last week no camera. We went to the museum to see the exhibit on Mammoths and then we walked along the water front and got lunch and then back to the museum for a 3D movie on Mammoths. Afterwards we had to go to Gwen's Karate class and then we went and watched uncle Albert play baseball. I enjoyed every minute of it and she didn't seem to mind either. I still owe her a shopping trip cause she was too tired and wanted to get to our house for a sleep over with grandma. We stopped and got some junk food to watch a movie before bed and pig out.

     The Tuesday before this outing I got to baby sit Jack and hang out with Gwen cause as she says she is no longer a baby. I had to be home for a certain time to meet a plumber at the building so I brought them to Esquimalt. We went over to McCaully Park to explore. I've been there a few times and always find something different or new. They were both having a lot of fun and I made sure they were wearing sun screen as it was a very warm sunny day. I had Jack's hat in my pocket but he did not want to wear it. There is a trail along the ocean and then it winds up the hill to where there are some old military bunkers and weapons storage sheds. Jack loved looking in through the barred up doors and listening to the echo. Gwen found a tunnel that I had never noticed before although I had been to the platform it leads to just from the opposite direction.


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