Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jack and Gwen part two

     We were having lots of fun exploring and Jack was really fascinated by what we saw. Then Gwen gave him a black berry and all he kept saying was more more. Gwen was a great big sister and was getting them for him and as fast as he got them he wanted more. Because we kept walking sometimes Gwen had to do some climbing to get them and sometimes Papa would help. We had so much fun cant wait till next Tuesday to hang out with them again!!

Jack pushing Dante out of the way so he could see.

Jack and Dante checking out the cell.

A little bird resting in the heat.

Gwen trying out some of the black berries.

Jack trying to be patient waiting for his berries.

A tough climb for some berries.

Jack likes the echo.

Going into and coming out of the old tunnel Gwen found.


Starting to head home to meet grandma.

More berries please.

Coming down fast.

Not ready to leave yet.


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