Monday, June 26, 2017

Kamloops part 3

     So when we took that drive and almost ran out of gas this is where we were headed. "Quilchena"

This place was a lot closer to Merritt than I thought it would be. We went in and they had a buffet type brunch and since I was doing the low carb thing it was perfect for me. I had 2 platefulls of eggs, bacon, and sausages both pork and beef. I probably enjoyed it way more than the ladies with me especialy mom cause she was hoping for a burger. Sorry mom!

      After brunch we went for a walk around the property to take some photos. Its a nice old country place on the old hwy in a real quiet area. Was a beautiful day for this trip. Nice to get out. Also by now the women were over me almost running out of gas or at least they had stopped mentioning it. I thought it added some excitement to our adventure.


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