Monday, July 16, 2018

June 11th and 12th

     Well we got up fairly early but were in no rush. We were going to go along the coast on our way back to Salem. We wanted to check out a small town that is before Boston and have lunch at Wahlburgers. It was a nicer drive as we were off the main hwy and the east coast is almost as beautiful as the west coast. We got into the little town and found a place to park near the water and right beside the restaurant we were going too. Now for those that don't know it there is a show on tv called Wahlburgers. Its about the Wahlburg family Donnie, Mark, Paul and their mom Alma and some times other family members are in the show. Paul is a Chef and has gone into business with his brothers. He Owns a restaurant named after his mother which happened to be right across the street. We went in and had a burger which was delicious and then went across the street to have desert.    
        They were very friendly in the main restaurant and told us we could sit at the bar and have desert. Before we could walk in Paul came into the restaurant from the kitchen. We waved then he waved then he motioned us to go over. He was very friendly and we talked for a few minutes about the show which he told us was going to be back on in a couple days. Before heading into the back he asked if we would like a photo with him and of course we jumped at the opportunity!  We had something to drink and some cheesecake then we went for a walk outside before getting in the car and heading to Salem for the night.

         Tuesday we got up in Salem after a good sleep then went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast. Since it was my birthday I decided we should do something special so we drove into Boston. First stop even though im not a baseball fan anymore was Fenway Park! There is alot of history to that park and its one of the last original stadiums still standing. We lucked out and got a parking spot right outside the stadium. There was no home game but they were setting up for a concert. I wasn't going to put Patty through a tour although it would have been nice to see the green monster! The tour was an hour and we had just missed the start of one.

     We decided to go for a walk and ended up walking around the whole outside of the stadium. We were outside on the street behind the green monster. There are lots of statues and lots of plaques for all the championships they have won. There are lots of shops and food venues that only open on game days but there was one huge souvenir shop that was open. It looked small from outside but was huge when you got inside. We had a quick look but didn't buy anything.

     Next it was off to downtown Boston and Cheers! Again we found a great parking location right around the corner from the bar. I was a little disappointment that nobody knew my name. When you go into the bar it kind of gives you the feel like your there the way it's situated and the wooden indian inside the front door. Once you get a good look you notice that the bar is a straight bar not horseshoe shaped like on the show. There are lots of celebrity photos lining the walls show showing the cast and others that have been to the bar. Lunch was good although we ate so much on the trip I don't remember what it was. I'm sure Patty posted  a photo of it on Facebook. After lunch we took a walk through the souvenir shop then up the stairs to where they had the actual set Bar. It definitely looked like the real deal. In order to get in there to eat you had to put your name in downstairs but if a seat was open at the bar you could go have a seat. We didn't see one.

    We left there then went for a walk in the park across the street. You would think with all the walking we did I would have lost some weight but that didn't happen. It was a beautiful day and we were just relaxed and enjoying ourselves. After our walk we were ready to head back to Salem and chill out for the next couple days. There was nothing else we really wanted or needed to see. 


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