Sunday, November 08, 2020

Goldstream Park Salmon

      Yesterday afternoon while the beef stew was stewing in the crock pot i decided to take Dante to Goldstream park and meet my friend Thristan. Thristan is new to the island and i met him when he was going through training at B C Transit. Thristan is a mechanic that likes to ride so has gone on a few runs with me and the Lonewolves. Im showing him around the island so when his family arrives in about a month he knows some things for them to do. Ive face timed them a couple times and cant wait to meet them. I just hope they dont bring any snow with them from Alberta.

       Here are a few pictures from our adventure in Gold Stream Park. I must say i learned a few things as well. When i left i decided to take the back way out to see where it went so in the summer we can do a motorcycle run. Very nice ride although narrow but very twisty! Will have to watch out for idiots in cars going opposite direction. Saw a few of those yesterday going too fast. It comes out on Millstream Rd out past the new Bear Mountain Rd. Will be fun!


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